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Yinzhou Shouguang Food Moulds Factory of Ningbo City is a company mainly produced different kinds of moulds,
chocolate mould,food mould,plastic mould,casting mould and so on which placed in Yinzhou area Ningbo city.
Our company roundly introduces advanced technology both here and abroad,provides modern testing equipments,
also makes technical cooperation with nationally famous brand company to produce different type moulds which 
sale to nationwide and southeast asia etc.our company also can especially design and produce moulds according 
to customer’s samples and drawings to satisfy the customer’s specific requirements.
The enterprise purpose:be absorbed in producing,serving heart and soul,checking the products seriously,our company 
will comply with the principle of”shuguang moulds take the quality as the root”to produce good quality moulds 
honestly.at last company manager Feng Bian welcome the customers’coming and guiding
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Company: ShuGuang Mould website system

Contact: ShuGuang

Tel: 0574-88092181

Phone: 139-0662-7005

E-mail: [email protected]

Address: Gaotang Bridge, Shounan Street, Yinzhou District, Ningbo City

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